about US

  Every year as a young boy I couldn't wait until school let out so I could get to Myrtle Beach! In many ways this area has always been home to me. After college I moved to Boulder Colorado to pursue my main passion- Mountaineering. After climbing around the world and making a living in the snow ski industry for many years, life led me back to the Grand Strand area. Back to the low-country I returned with many great life experiences and adventures to share.

  My "other" passion was always for the ocean and in 1993 I learned to kayak surf in Costa Rica. The fire was ignited and I continued to pursue ocean based adventure ever since.

  In the fall of 2010 I finally made it to Oahu to visit a friend and from there I hopped over to Kauai to fulfill my life dream of kayaking the 17 mile stretch around the rugged cliffs of the Na Pali coast. Considered by many to be the "Mount Everest of sea kayaking". On this trip I discovered paddle boarding!

 Quickly I realized the joy and potential of paddle boarding both from an adventurers perspective as well as from the fitness and strength building aspect.

 My goal is to be service oriented and to help people who are so inclined to experience paddle boarding and kayaking without having to be inconvenienced by spending time and effort transporting the equipment to and from local shops or even from your own vehicle. Simply to allow visitors and non-visitors alike the opportunity to maximize their time - that precious time- while at the beach!  "GET UP - STAND UP!!!"

                   Explore your world!  Shawn Collins - Owner