Our goal is to be SERVICE ORIENTED first and foremost!  We believe people come to the beach to make the absolute most of their experience and this means optimizing their time, energy, efforts. Others may claim to be service oriented but we offer *FREE DELIVERY AND PICKUP anywhere in the Myrtle Beach area- Outside the city limits delivery is still free for anywhere in  Horry County but with a two board or two kayak full day rental minimum. This incorporates most of the Grand Strand area! We help you get the best experience with the least amount of hassle- 

Because we offer free delivery to any location, we only offer full day and half day rentals.  Rentals include instructions, paddles and life jackets.  

Kayak Rentals:

Our kayaks are all high quality, versatile Perception sit on top and sit in models.  Preferable for ocean exploration, recreation, fishing and swimming.  We also offer Future Beach fishing kayaks that are very stable and have flush rod mounts built in!!


     Tandem Kayaks

                Half day (4 hours)   $45.00 includes delivery and pickup

                Full day (8 hours)    $65.00 includes delivery and pickup

                 Weekly rentals $200.00 includes delivery and pickup

     Single Kayaks

                Half day (4 hours)  $35.00 includes delivery and pickup 

                Full day (8-24 hours)   $55.00 includes delivery and pickup

                Weekly rentals        $180.00 includes delivery and pickup


Paddle Board Rentals:

Our paddle boards are all high quality SUP ATX solid body fiberglass with bamboo inlay coupled with ultra light adjustable carbon fiber paddles.  Our boards are 11'6"  ideal for beginners and novices due to their increased stability.

                Half day (4 hours)    $35.00 includes delivery and pickup

                Full day (8- 24 hours)     $55.00 includes delivery and pickup 

                Weekly rentals         $200.00 includes delivery and pickup


Our touring kayaks are Wilderness Solutions and Necky brands fully equipped with foot operated rudders . Single kayaks only.  These vessels are intended for the more experienced kayakers visiting the area and want higher performing equipment.

                 Rental  (4-24 hours)   $85.00 includes delivery and pickup


                   Weekly rentals       Call for specific pricing


We rent Mad River canoes with built in seat/ seat backs on the thwarts. White water designed. 

                  Rental  (4-24 hours)  $85.00 includes delivery and pickup

                    Weekly rentals      Call for specific pricing


 EXCLUSIVE OFFERING!!!! Join Shawn personally and learn from 25 years of experience riding waves in the Grand Strand area and up and down the East and West coast!!! Classes will be on a daily basis and run from 6:30 AM until 7:30 AM from June 1st through November 1st.  You will learn proper etiquette, launch and landing techniques, and special considerations to get you riding waves competently. Local conditions nearly always provide the ability to ride waves- UNLIKE traditional surfing. Ocean Kayak Scramblers are the premier learning kayak!! This is offered either on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio students to instructor. It is best if you have good upper body strength. Age limit is 16+. 

                      Dawn session

                                1:1 $80 for a comprehensive one hour session

                                2:1 $60 each for a comprehensive one hour session

Paddle Board Yoga:

Come join our certified yoga instructor Jenny Murphy for one of her amazing sessions emphasizing holistic fitness. Call for more details on daily and multi-day packages. 


    We accept cash and all major credit cards processed on delivery.  

*We require a credit card hold deposit to cover loss or damage while in your possession