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    Owen feels equally at home on Lake Superior and the Puget Sound as he does on our local rivers and creeks in the South Carolina low country. As a young child he was introduced to the bottomland  hardwood swamps in Francis Marion National Forest and was a kayak enthusiast from the very start. Most recently Owen paddled 150 miles retracing the trail of the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition on the Upper  Missouri River in Montana’s badlands. At a ripe young age he already has more experience than 99% of anyone else in this industry throughout the entire region. We are thrilled to have him working alongside us in the summers now!


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toni rae...

  Proficient in every environment, Toni prefers the rough open water paddling that the ocean provides. A dawn paddle searching for leatherback sea turtles the size of cars is her ideal way to start any day. Whether it be the desert beauty of Lake Powell, the stillness of the lakes of Mount Desert Island, the rocky shores of the Bay of Fundy, or simply kayaking our beloved Waccamaw river, Toni loves it all. Extremely patient and guiding, she is excellent with people, particularly children and families who are new to kayaking or paddleboarding. In March 2024, Toni Rae became the first woman to solo kayak the entire 235K Waccamaw River in a record breaking 82 hours. Always ready to lend a hand, we are extremely fortunate to have such a strong and dependable person on our team!


  Every year as a young boy I couldn't wait until school let out so I could get to Myrtle Beach! In many ways this area has always been home to me. After college I moved to Boulder Colorado to pursue my main passion - Mountaineering. After climbing around the world and making a living in the snow ski industry for many years, life led me back to the Grand Strand area. Back to the low-country, I returned with many great life experiences and adventures to share.

  My "other" passion was always for the ocean, and in 1993 I learned to kayak surf in Costa Rica. The fire was ignited and I have continued to pursue ocean based adventure ever since.

  In the fall of 2010, I finally made it to Oahu to visit a friend, and from there I hopped over to Kauai to fulfill my life dream of kayaking the 17 mile stretch around the rugged cliffs of the Na Pali coast. Considered by many to be the "Mount Everest of sea kayaking". On this trip I discovered paddleboarding! Quickly I realized the joy and potential of paddleboarding both from an adventurer's perspective as well as from the fitness and strength building aspect.

  Recently, I have been selected as a member of the internationally acclaimed and highly prestigious Explorers Club, founded in 1904 and headquartered in New York City. The Explorers Club has only 3000 members worldwide and includes some of the most heralded explorers and adventurers of all time- living and deceased. Being inducted is the greatest honor of my life. 

 My goal is to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry, to educate clients whenever possible on the nature and history of the areas we frequent, and to insure a safe and memorable experience for participants. We take pride in not running a tourist mill but instead focusing on our customer’s experience levels and objectives. Offering private guided trips run by highly experienced professionals is the only way to achieve this. 

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