Frequently asked questions...


Do you offer guided tours?

We only offer private guided tours. Where others may offer the same they do not emphasize private only. When we say private we also mean in areas we see very little if any development and/or other people at all. By only offering private guided trips, we have the ability to pay more attention to our clients.
- You are never paired up with strangers on our private guided trips. - 

Where do you go on your excursions?

Although we are located a half block from the ocean, and we do provide ocean service, most people prefer a calmer, more relaxing environment. The Waccamaw Wildlife Refuge, on the Waccamaw River, is approximately 25-35 minutes west of Myrtle Beach and is the most sought out destination for people who have kayaking experience. You are responsible for transporting your self to the river, and be advised there is no where other than the ocean to paddle in the area without driving 25 - 40 minutes. The areas of the Waccamaw that are most representative of the low country "bayou - esque" environment are off of the 544 corridor between Conway and Socastee. We do guide outside the immediate area on the Lynches, Little Pee Dee, and Black Rivers but they are full day excursions. Saltwater marsh tours on the south end of the Grand Strand are available upon request.

Will we see wild life, specifically alligators?

What people need to know and understand is that there are potentially alligators in every body of water in the coastal regions of S.C, GA, and FL and west to Texas - including the beach! Alligators have been here for 39 million years and are often misunderstood. We always hope to see these beautiful creatures who are typically quite shy. Everyday I answer this question and my response is simply put - It is the car drivers in the area you need to fear - not the alligators! Where other animal sightings are concerned, there is always a possibility of seeing other reptiles and mammals. Any business who claims you will see these animals on any given trip is being intentionally misleading. Beautiful birds are almost always a given however.

How long is a tour? 

The majority of the people who paddle with us have had enough after 3-5 miles or 1.5 - 2 hours - yet another of the main benefits of proudly not running a tourist mill- while on a private guided trip you are in charge of how long or how short your excursion will last.

What should we bring with us?

Sunscreen, hats and water are recommended. Water shoes are only necessary in the salt marsh. It's never a bad idea to bring an extra top layer for early morning and late day trips. Expect your feet to get wet entering and exiting the kayak, so nice shoes are ill advised.

Do you have online booking and are there specific scheduled times for tours?

We do not offer online booking. Having kayaked for over three decades personally, we prefer to speak to people and we get a better understanding of peoples' objectives, experience levels, size, and other concerns. This allows us to match customers up with the most ideal equipment and environment as well as length of trip.

We operate and focus on a small personal level and focus on customer service. This is how we maintain an outstanding reputation. Our contract with DNR allows us to frequent different areas of the Waccamaw Wildlife Refuge which makes us unique.

We do our best to accommodate special requests for dates and times, unlike the saltwater marsh in North Myrtle Beach, we do not rely on cooperation from the tides to determine launch times.

Are reservations required?

The best ways to insure you get what you want, when you want it, is to make arrangements in advance. There are times you could call last minute and we can accommodate you but its not guaranteed. Any business that claims they do not require reservations could only do so by having a stationary outpost on the river.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a ten dollar non-refundable restock fee on cancelled trips.  We have no refunds on cancellations within 24 hours. We do not cancel due to weather "forecasts". In most cases the weather on the river can be vastly different than on the beach. We do cancel with refund if we get to the river and it is clearly , unsafe. We do our best to reschedule during your stay in a forced weather cancellation scenario thus we encourage people to schedule earlier in their vacation. Additionally, what sets us apart from others is the fact that you never lose credit with us. Should your trip be cancelled for whatever reason, you will always have applicable credit towards any other rental or tour and that is transferrable as well.

Can we pay cash?

We require payment in advance. In the event you want to pay cash, you could do so at check in and we would credit you back on your card. Credit cards are required to remain on file for rentals. We also accept Venmo, CashApp, and Apple Pay.

Is anything else included in our trip?

What we guarantee is that a professional takes you out. This insures safety and an interpretive experience about the nature and history of the area. We take pictures during your guided tour and send all of the photography to you at the conclusion of your trip.
Instructions and lessons are included. Nine out of ten businesses in the area here have inexperienced guides without adequate knowledge of the environment they are paddling in and without the ability to address a rescue scenario. One of the advantages to a personalized tour is the ability to provide a dialogue with all of the participants individually.

Is there a size and/or age limit?

We always inquire about size to insure proper equipment stability. We can provide equipment for anyone up to 350 lbs on the river with advanced notice. We do not allow infants or toddlers on our trips.

Questions YOU should ask when inquiring other outfitter about their services.

Are there any hidden fees? Such as paid parking, or additional fees for PFD'S (life jackets), seat backs, waterproof phone cases, and dry bags.

Are your guides experienced in First Aid administration and rescue techniques in the event of capsizing? Do they carry First Aid kits and emergency eguipment?

What are your refund policies?